One acre is 43,560 square feet. However, acres don’t have standard lengths or widths. For example, you could have an acre that was 100 feet wide and 435.6 feet long. This would equal 43,560 square feet. Alternatively you could also have an acre that was 200 feet wide. In order for this parcel of land to equal an acre it would need to be 217.8 feet in length.

We actually have a square feet to acre conversion calculator over on our site over on, so if you want to explore land sizing in more details, ill link to our various land calculators below.

This all being said, big numbers like this tend to be hard to visualize. So let’s find ways to understand how big an acre is without talking about feet, meters or even acres. Let’s learn how big an acre is by by studying specific spaces to help give us a visual reference.


Most of us have a refence to an American football field, which is 48,000 square feet. As you can see, if an acre is only 43,560 square feet and American football field is pretty close in size, That said, one acre is still smaller than an American football field. In fact it is only .75625 the size. Or if you’re looking for a rough visual estimation you can think of an acre as roughly 3/4 the size of a football field.

Or if Tennis is more your sport you can think of the size of one acre as being 15.51 Tennis courts in size. This is because a doubles tennis court is 2808 squared feet. Therefore, it would take just over 15 tennis courts to make up the size of an acre.

And lastly, if hockey is your sport of choice, you could fit two ice hockey rinks inside of 1 acre with a bit of room to spare. NHL ice hockey rinks are 200 feet (length) by 85 feet (width). This equals roughly (.39) the size of an acre. So as you can see, we could easily place 2 NHL ice hockey rinks within an acre and we’d still have a bit of space left over


Another helpful way to help you visualize the size of an acre is to measure it in terms of walking distance. Now let’s imagine we had an acre in the shape of a perfect square. An acre of land in this shape would be roughly 208.71 in width and length.

now imagine we went to the closest outdoor park and walked at an average human walking speed of about 3 miles / hour. As a ballpark figure, it takes a human walking at 3 miles / hour an average of 23 seconds to walk 100 feet. So if we had to walk 208 feet the time would take us roughly 47 seconds, or just under 1 minute.


So that’s the size of an acre in a nutshell. When buying land, land investors are usually looking at parcels of land that are 1 acre in size or larger. 1 acre of land gives you ample space to develop a property on, while 10 acres or more give land investors the opporunity to partition the land and sell smaller lots at a profit.

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