An extraordinary opportunity awaits you in the heart of Colombia, just a stone’s throw from the vibrant city of Cartagena. Explore the enchanting charm of this sprawling 10-acre plot, featuring a small farm, now available for sale directly from the owner (FSBO). This hidden gem promises an immersive experience in Colombian countryside living for discerning foreign investors.

Key Features:

🌅 Scenic Countryside Setting: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Colombian landscape. This expansive 10-acre plot offers picturesque views, with gently rolling terrain, verdant pastures, and a touch of tropical serenity.

🏡 Charming Small Farm: Discover the delight of owning a small farmstead within this vast property. Currently in operation, the farm includes cultivated areas, perhaps with crops, and the potential for keeping livestock. Experience the joy of sustainable living with your own slice of agricultural paradise.

🌿 Endless Agricultural Possibilities: With ample acreage, this property opens the door to diverse agricultural pursuits. Imagine cultivating your own organic produce, planting vibrant orchards, or expanding the existing farm to suit your agricultural aspirations.

🚗 Convenient Location: Strategically located in proximity to Cartagena, this 10-acre haven allows you to seamlessly balance rural tranquility with the vibrancy of the city. Experience the convenience of city amenities while enjoying the privacy of your own expansive retreat.

🌎 Investment Potential: Colombia’s growing economy and the appeal of the Caribbean coastline make this an opportune time for investment. Take advantage of the versatile possibilities this property offers, whether it’s creating an eco-friendly resort, establishing an agricultural venture, or crafting your own private estate.

🌊 Coastal Proximity: Revel in the proximity to Cartagena’s pristine beaches, providing an additional layer of allure to this investment. Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf just a short drive away from your rural escape.

🏡 Private Residential Retreat: The vastness of this 10-acre plot allows for the creation of a private residential retreat. Picture a bespoke home surrounded by nature, providing a tranquil haven for relaxation and connection with the rich Colombian countryside.

🌐 Direct Sale by Owner (FSBO): Streamline the purchasing process with this direct sale by the owner, offering transparency and a straightforward transaction for foreign investors seeking a hassle-free real estate acquisition.

Don’t miss this chance to secure your own piece of Colombian countryside paradise. Whether you aspire to run a small farm, cultivate sustainable living, or create a private retreat, this 10-acre plot invites you to transform your dreams into reality.

Other Notable Features:

  • Less than 1 hour outside of Cartagena
  • Close to Pontezuela and Punta de Canoa
  • Easy access to hiking trails (various levels of difficulty)
  • Fairly close to Barranquilla
  • Accessible year round with road access
  • 10 acres of beautiful land
  • Water and electricity access
  • Potential for small hobby-farm / micro-farm or homestead / glamping / camping
  • Convenient access to local small towns (groceries, hardware and furniture stores etc)

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