Torres del Paine National Park is a mystical and legendary region within Patagonia known for it’s unusually shaped granite mountain peeks which pierce the sky above. The surrounding region is peppered with forest, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and even caves.

While most of this area is a protected natural park, there are some areas just outside of the park which allow land investors to own a piece of this beautiful region within Chile. The closest town this plot of land is Puerto Natales which is a cute port city in southern Patagonia.

This plot of land is ideal for land investors looking for land for sale in one of the most rugged and untouched places on earth. This remote region attracts tourists of a special kind since most of the region is made up of land which has been traditionally considered too harsh for human settlement. That said, there countless land investment opportunities for land investors looking for plots of land which are more remote than the majority of land listings you’ll find on our site.

Keep in mind, that this plot of land also comes with the option of owner financing.

Other Notable Features:

  • This plot of land is located just outside of Puerto Natales.
  • Land is close to both mountain ranges and the Pacific ocean.
  • Ideal plot of land for a small homestead, farm or campsite.
  • Close to national parks (Torres del Paine National Park, Bernardo O’Higgins National Park)
  • Close to snow capped volcanoes including Cerro Pietrobelli, Cerro Balmaceda etc.
  • Water and electricity access
  • Road access
  • Just under 1 acre of land

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