Ballenita is located just to the north of Salinas on the coast of Ecuador. Unfortunately, it’s a largely skipped over town as tourist make their way to the more popular town of Salinas. That said, the town boasts many of the same attractions that Salinas does (just on a smaller scale). Similarly, because the region to the north of Salinas is a less popular, property and land prices tend to be cheaper as well.

The plot of land we have available for sale here is located just to the north of the town of Ballenita (about a 30 minute drive). It’s a small plot of land (just under 1 acre), but the land is fully usable. About half of the acre is forested, and the other half has been cleared and could be used as a small hobby farm or homestead.

If you’re interested in learning more about this plot of land, or any other plots we have for sale, then please get in contact with us today. Keep in mind that owner financing is available for this plot.

Other Notable Features:

  • Located just outside the town of Salinas
  • Close to national parks (eg: Parque Nacional Machalilla, Reserva Ecológica Manglar Churute)
  • Located just 4 hours to the west of Cuenca
  • Close to Manta and Guayaquil
  • Accessible year round with road access
  • Just under 2 acres of pristine raw land
  • Water and electricity access
  • Potential for small hobby-farm / micro-farm or homestead
  • Convenient access to local small towns (groceries, hardware and furniture stores etc)

If you’d like to learn more about this listing, please get in touch with us today.