A beautiful 10 acre ranch for sale just outside of Bogota, Colombia. This is an ideal purchase for a land investor who is looking to purchase a lot with a pre-existing structure on it. This ranch was built using traditional architectural standards of the time which gives this property it’s unique and charming flare.

This 10 acre ranch is located around 2 hours outside of Bogota making it an ideal location for those who want to live out in nature, while at the same time not feeling too far removed from civilization.

This plot of land can also be purchased using our owner financing option. Simply get in contact with us today to learn more.

Other Notable Features:

  • Located just outside of Bogota
  • Close to national parks (eg: Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza, Parque Nacional Natural Sumapaz)
  • Located just 2 hours from Bogota
  • Close to Cáqueza and Villavicencio
  • Accessible year round with road access
  • Around 10 acres of pristine land
  • Water and electricity access
  • Potential for small hobby-farm / micro-farm or homestead
  • Convenient access to local small towns (groceries, hardware and furniture stores etc)

If you’d like to learn more about this listing, please get in touch with us today.