Looking for raw land for sale within the booming metropolis of Medellin? We have a small plot of land (roughly 0.25 acres) available for sale in the south of the City. This land exists where the urban landscape starts to fade away to make way for more rural vistas. However, technically the land is still located within the municipality of Medellin.

This is an ideal plot of land for a land investor looking for land as close to the city of Medellin as possible. This plot of land could easily be used to build a small home. One interesting feature of this land is that because it’s on the outskirts of town and on the side of a mountain, you’ll have great views of Medellin during both the day as well as night.

Colombia is one of the best land investment regions in Latin America at the moment. Colombia has a large and growing tourism industry, beautiful geography and second to none bio-diversity. The land in this region runs wild with tropical fruits, birds and flowers.

Other Notable Features:

  • Close to Caldas
  • Close to Itagüí
  • Close to Medellin & Envigado
  • Easy access to hiking trails and outdoor activities
  • Opportunities for camping / glamping in the region
  • Close to José María Córdova International airport
  • Perfect climate year round
  • Around a quarter acre of pristine raw land
  • Water and electricity access
  • Potential for small hobby-farm / homestead
  • Convenient access to local small towns (groceries, hardware and furniture stores etc)

If you’d like to learn more about this listing, please get in touch with us today.