This small vineyard is situated close to Santiago Chile, one of most modern and progressive cities within Latin America. The vineyard is close enough to Santiago to make commuting back and forth a breeze. It’s also close enough to allow tourists easy access to the land. This is an ideal business opportunity for land investors looking to get involved in the wine business in South America.

However, even though this plot of land is close to Santiago, it’s still far enough away that you can enjoy peaceful and relaxing time outside of the city. The land is located just to the south of Santiago in one of Chile’s most famous wine regions.

One of the most notable features about this property is it’s proximity to both mountains and sea. This vineyard is sandwiched between two beautiful natural treasures that will give your eyes many lifetimes worth of breathtaking views to feast on.

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Other Notable Features:

  • This plot of land is nestled between Santiago and Rancagua.
  • Land is close to both mountain ranges and the Pacific ocean.
  • Ideal plot of land for a vineyard, hobby farm or homestead.
  • Close to national parks (Parque Quebrada de Macul, Altos de Cantillana
  • Close to famous mountain peaks (Cajón del Maipo, the Andes)
  • Water and electricity access
  • Road access
  • Just under 2 acres of land

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