Land For Sale In Argentina

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Foreign Owners

Argentina is a country that welcomes foreign ownership of land. We will help guide you through the process of buying land in Argentina. We hold your hand each step of the way helping you find safe and secure land investments.

Unique Deals

We look for cheap land deals in Argentina that are "under the radar". We have land scouts on the ground looking for the best opportunities that haven't hit the market yet. We use unique strategies to find off-market land deals.

70% Under Valued

In general, we are looking for land deals that are 20% to 70% below market value. Our land scouts know how to locate hard to find land deals and negotiate favorable purchase prices. We focus primarily on distressed or foreclosed land.

How to Buy Land in Argentina?

This process is easier than you think. Buying land in Argentina consists of three simple steps.

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We Finance Your Land

Owner financing allows you to pay a small down payment and then monthly payments.

0% Owner Financing

At one of our main objectives is to help you bring your dream of owning land in Latin America to life. Buying land doesn't need to be expensive. We make the land purchase process quick and painless by offering 0% financing on most of our land deals. No need to deal with banks. You can deal directly with the owner.

Low Down Payments

Not only do we help by giving you access to owner finacing and no / low interest rates. We also allow you to secure your land purchase by putting down only a small amount for your down payment (usually between 5% to 20% of the land purchase price. You could put down as little as $800 to start the land purchase process!

Land Listings Near Popular Argentinian Regions

This process is easier than you think. Buying land in Argentina consists of three simple steps.

Buenos Aires

Land for sale around Buenos Aires, Argentina. This inland region is lush and beautiful and close to one of Argentina's most innovative cities.


Find land for sale close to Mendoza, Argentina. The region surrounding Mendoza boasts some of the best land deals in the entire country.


Find land for sale around Bariloch, Argentina. This breathtaking costal region has land for sale close to the ocean.


Find land for sale around small towns in Patagonia or just outside of major city centers and close to national parks.

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