Land For Sale In Cartagena

Cartagena and the surrounding coast (Santa Marta, Saint Andres etc) is one of the most beautiful and popular areas within Colombia. If you're on the market to purchase land in this region, take a moment and browse through the listings to the right. We make buying land in this area easy.

We offer 1 year, 5 year and 10 year payment programs.

Reach out to us below if you find a beachfront plot of land you'd like to buy.

Foreign Buyer?

We specialize in helping foreigners buy land in Colombia. If you find land you want to buy in (or around) Cartagena, we can help make your dream a reality buy not only helping you find the right piece of land, but also by helping you finance it.

Off-Market Land

We have "land scouts" who scout the most unique land opportunities they can find. We find land deals before the general public does by driving through small towns, reading local bulletin boards and looking through foreclosed land listings.

Land in Distress

Our land scouts look for farms or raw land that is 20% to 70% below market value. We look for distressed properties (i.e. bank foreclosures, land with tax debt etc) and we acquire the majority of our properties in this way. This means you never pay retail!

Buying Land in Cartagena, Saint Andres or Santa Marta

Buying beachfront land in Colombia consists of three simple steps...

Find Your Lot

Fist, you need to browse through the various land listings on our site to locate your dream lot.

Contact Us

Next, you need to contact us and let us know which plot(s) you're interested in purchasing.

Make a Small Deposit

Lastly, you need to pay a small down payment and plan your monthly payments to secure your land.

Owner Financing

At, one of our main objectives is to make the land acquisition process as straightforward for you as possible. For this reason, we offer owner financing on the majority of land for sale on our website.

Tiny Down Payment

Working with could mean that you could put down as little as $800 to start the land purchase process! Depending on the size and location of your land lot, we could allow you to pay only a minimal down payment to secure your land.

Want to Buy Land in Cartagena? Contact Us!

Once you find a land listing in Cartagena on our site that you like, simply reach out to us and tell us a little bit more about your land acquisition goals. We'll then walk you though the land purchase process step by step to make sure you understand each step of the land transfer process.

We perform land due diligence and hold your hand each step of the way.

Get in touch with us today!