Medellin Apartments For Rent

We help our clients find affordable, secure and beautiful apartments for rent close to the area where they wish to purchase land. This allows you to access the modern amenities of a city or town while still being within a reasonable distance to your land project.

Browse through our available properties to the right and get in contact with us if you find an apartment you'd like us to tell you more about.

Foreign Renters

We make finding long term furnished and unfurnished apartment rentals in Medellin easy. We help you find and secure beautiful apartments in well located areas.

Long Term

We have apartment scouts on the ground looking for the best long term rentals in Medellin Colombia. We help foreigners secure the best deals at local prices.

No Hassle

We help foreigners avoid the hassles that come along with long term rentals in Medellin Colombia. With us you don't need to pay 12 months in advance or put money into a CDT.

How to Find Long Term Rentals in Medellin?

Renting apartments in Medellin consists of 3 simple steps

Find Your Apartment

Our apartment scouts are on the ground daily looking for the best local apartment deals.

Get In Touch

Once you find you ideal apartment on our site, simply get in touch with us to learn more.

Pay a Small Security Deposit

You will need to pay a small security deposit and after that, the apartment will be yours.

No Hassle long Term Apartments

At Tycoon we help foreign land buyers find local apartment rentals at affordable prices. We can help you find rentals in most areas around Medellin Colombia including but not limited to areas around Poblado, Laureles, Belen, Enviagado and many others. We also help foreigners buy land in Colombia. Click on the link below to learn more about the different land purchase options we currently have.

Low Rental Requirements

Traditionally, renting long term unfurnished (or finished) apartments in Medellin, Colombia has been a hassle for foreigners. That’s because most foreigners don’t have cedulas (local ID card), 12 months of local banking history or access to local co-signers. This means that foreigners often have to jump through many hoops to rent affordable long term rentals. However, when you work with Tycoon, this won’t be the case!

Start a Conversation

Do you have questions about how to find or secure long term unfurnished or furnished rentals in Medellin please get in contact with us using the contact form to the left.

Someone on our team will get back to you within 24 hours (usually much quicker) during regular business hours.

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